My artwork explores the basic elements of drawing.

How are Limited Editions Numbered ?


  • 1/100 = this is the first print in a series of 100 prints.
  • A/A = Artist’s Alteration. These are quite valuable because they demonstrate the artist’s variations before the final composition and colors are selected. Since these are working prints, they’re often folded, used for color swatches or patched. Thus very few survive, making them quite valuable.
  • A/P = Artist’s Proof. Test print for the final printing. These are also rare and therefore quite valuable.
  • CHOPMARK, or Blind Embossing = similar to official seals that make impressions directly into the paper (Think: Notary Public). This is achieved with a pliers-like device that uses a positive and a negative design. The paper is compressed between the jaws of the device, squeezed together and the chop mark is impressed into the paper.



Various black inks on rag stock