History Of A Laugh

Drawing: Colored pencil on incised rag stock, stippled with porcupine quill

Size: 10” x 4 1/4” W

Note: My giclees are signed, numbered, have hand-drawn details and are shipped directly from my NYC studio.

About This Piece: When deeply enfunked, I rarely move beneath the surface of things. Color becomes exhausting. I think it takes as much energy to view it as it does to wield it. And color, shapes and the scale of patterns are always more digestible in a predictably smooth sequence. The rut starts to look like a haven. So when my sadness has been goosed by irreverence or the unguarded recognition of the absurd, and that chain of anticipation is interrupted, I know that a full-out, completely exhausted diaphragm of a belly-laugh is grabbing hold & is yanking me back to full technicolor life.



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